TWP10 Tubeskin Thermocouple
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TWP10 Tubeskin Thermocouple Picture
  • High temperature surface measurement only limited by thermocouple type and pad/sheath material
  • M.I. Cable probe construction is flexible and can be bent as tight as 5 times sheath diameter
  • Strong and vibration proof
  • Sensing pad shapes matched to pipe/tube diameters
  • Multiple options for orientation of probe sheath to weld pad
  • Multiple cable termination options for quick connections
  • Please contact us for pricing and configuration

Also known as weld pad thermocouples, these sensors enable the measurement of temperatures on flat or curved surfaces such as pipes and tubes.

Please contact us for pricing and configuration.

  • Power generation
  • Refineries
  • Furnaces
  • Heat exchangers
  • Chemical industry

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