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  • Long-term data storage via user supplied Compact Flash memory card (2 GB Max)
  • Saved-data playback on display
  • Ethernet communications standard
  • Data viewer & parameter loader PC software
  • 3-point and 6-point recording: 12 types of TCs, 5 types of RTDs and voltage/current input are available
  • Screen saver

The compact Fuji Electric PHF chart recorder is a 3 or 6 channel paperless recorder that displays data on a 5.7" STN color LCD. The Fuji Electric PHF chart recorder features a wide variety of display modes to allow users to view data as trends (horizontally and vertically), bar graphs, analog meters, digital/numeric output, totalized output, event summaries and more. Switch between the Fuji Electric PHF chart recorder's display modes quickly and easily with the 8-key front panel. The adjustable-time screen-saver function extends the life of the display and reduces power consumption.

Users can record up to 12 types of thermocouples, 5 types of RTDs and DC voltage/current input on one unit. The paperless Fuji Electric PHF chart recorder can literally record years of data with a 1 GB (max) Compact Flash card. Free PC support software allows you to configure the Fuji Electric PHF chart recorder from a PC and view historical data stored on the compact flash card.

Ethernet communications are standard with the PHF and allow for FTP transfer of files stored on the Fuji Electric PHF chart recorder's Compact Flash card and for live monitoring of all inputs and alarm status via HTTP. Fuji Electric PHF chart recorders include USB configuration cable, noise filter for the power supply, panel mounting brackets, and CD-ROM with PC support software and instruction manuals.

  • Long Term Data Storage: Data is saved to standard Compact Flash card, 1GB max
  • Saved Data playback: Saved data in Memory card can be easily called out and played back on display
  • Screen saver: Period of non-operation exceeds the setting value of parameter, recorder turns off the backlight of LCD
  • PC support software (Data Viewer/Parameter Loader) and Instruction Manuals: CD-ROM and loader cable included with recorder
  • Compact size: 160 x 144 x 185mm (6.3" x 5.7" x 7.4", WxHxD, Panel mount), 1.5 kg (3 lbs.)

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Number of Inputs

  • 2
    Fixed Code
    1B1 : Internal code
  • 3
    Revision Symbold
    1 : Version number
  • 4
    Fixed Code
    E1 : Internal code
  • 5
    Alarm (Relay) Output/DI Input

  • 6
    E : With ethernet communication
  • 7
    Fixed Code
    V : Internal code

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