Fuji Electric Inkjet Strip Chart Recorder
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Fuji Electric Inkjet Strip Chart Recorder Picture
  • 100mm wide, 15m long chart paper
  • 3 or 6 input channels
  • 160ms measuring cycle (3 channel)
  • 320ms measuring cycle (6 channel)
  • Thermocouple, DC voltage, RTD & mA input signals
  • Chart speed
  • 5 to 400mm/hr (continuous trace)
  • 401 to 1500mm/hr (intermittent trace)
  • ±0.15% indication accuracy (+1 digit without compensation error)
  • ±0.25% of measuring range recording accuracy
  • ±0.1% chart speed accuracy
  • Paper expansion and contraction not included

The Fuji Electric PHC Strip Chart Recorder offers brilliant six color recording utilizing Fuji's patented ink jet mechanism. Tiny piezo elements electronically dispense small dots of 0.3mm diameter colored ink onto the chart paper, tracing vibrant trend lines and printing sharp alphanumeric characters.

The Fuji PHC utilizes inkjet cartridges, which can have a long life of up to 6 months of continuous operation. Each channel is assigned its own color, and reports generated in reference to that channel are printed in the corresponding color. As this method of printing requires only one mechanism, the PHC Recorders require fewer moving parts than conventional recorders - that means years of extremely reliable, trouble-free operation for you. With a depth of 199mm, the Fuji PHC chart recorder is ideal for installation in shallow panels.

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Recording Points

  • 2
    Revision Symbol
    003 : Version number
  • 3
    Power Supply

  • 4
    Chart Paper Illumination

  • 5
    Alarm Ouput / External Control

  • 6
    Transmission Function

  • 7
    Fixed Code
    V : Internal code

  • Comments / Specifications


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