Fuji Electric Inkjet Strip Chart Recorder
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Fuji Electric Inkjet Strip Chart Recorder Picture
  • 180mm wide, 20m long chart paper
  • 6 or 12 input channels
  • 320ms measuring cycle
  • Thermocouple, DC voltage, RTD & mA input signals
  • Chart speed
  • 5 to 300mm/hr (continuous trace)
  • 301 to 1500mm/hr (intermittent trace)
  • ±0.15% indication accuracy (+1 digit without compensation error)
  • ±0.25% of measuring range recording accuracy
  • ±0.1% chart speed accuracy
  • Paper expansion and contraction not included

The Fuji Electric PHA strip chart recorder is an affordable inkjet recorder with an excellent rating for measuring range accuracy and analog trace accuracy as well as a three-year warranty.

The 180mm PHA Recorder offers brilliant six color recording utilizing Fuji's patented inkjet mechanism. Tiny piezo elements electronically dispense small dots of 0.3mm diameter colored ink onto the chart paper. This non-contact printing advancement allows the PHA Recorder to trace vibrant trend lines and to print sharp alphanumeric characters.

This technology, previously available on expensive printers only, now comes in the PHA Recorder at an affordable price - one that falls below the cost of most dot-matrix type printers. If you note the difference in print quality between the dot-matrix and the inkjet typefaces, you'll conclude there's simply no reason to use a dot-matrix type recorder anymore.

The inkjet cartridges can have a long life of up to 6 months of continuous operation. Each channel is assigned its own color, and reports generated in reference to that channel are printed in the corresponding color. As this method of printing requires only one mechanism, PHA Recorders require fewer moving parts than conventional recorders - that means years of extremely reliable, trouble-free operation for you. With fewer moving parts comes a depth of less than 8", making the PHA recorder ideal for installation in shallow panels.


One of the most powerful features of the PHA recorders is their ability to create a full complement of status reports - scheduled or on demand. You may specify daily and summation reports for any period of time from one to 24 hours. These reports are printed in crisp digital type and provide you with important information such as:

• Periodic Data for Each Channel • Totalized Values for Each Channel • Maximum and Minimum Recorded Value for Each Channel and Time of Occurrence • Average Value for Each Channel


The 180mm PHA Recorders comes in six or twelve channel versions. As each channel has its own 16-bit A/D converter, PHA Recorders offer high speed sampling of the input signal. These inputs include most thermocouple and RTD types plus a wide range of DC currents/voltages; each input can be scaled for your particular application from the recorder's front panel. With advanced math functions, the PHA Recorder provides filtering, square root extraction, subtraction, and scaling for each channel.

The PHA Recorder is available in either continuous trace or dotting print versions. The continuous trace and dotting models are nearly identical in features except that the dotting recorder has a slower sample time and has limited scale print or periodic printout capabilities. Therefore, the dotting recorder carries a lower price. Use your PHA Recorder for data logging, trend recording, and transmitting data via an RS-485 communications link.

  • Pass code
  • Main and sub chart speeds
  • Record Mode — trend/logging
  • Recording range
  • Input signal
  • Tag number
  • Communication parameters
  • Ink monitor status
  • Language (English, French, or German)
  • List print request
  • Daily report, date and time, and alarm settings
  • Illumination status
  • And more...

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Recording Points

  • 2
    Revision Symbol
    004 : Version number
  • 3
    Power Supply
    E : 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
  • 4
    Chart Paper Illumination

  • 5
    Alarm Output / External Control

  • 6
    Transmission Function

  • 7
    Fixed Code
    V : Internal code

  • Comments / Specifications


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