RTD Temperature Transmitter w/ HirschMann Plug
Temperature / Microprocessor Integrated Sensor Transmitter - MIST / MIST TMR25

RTD Temperature Transmitter w/ HirschMann Plug Picture
  • High accuracy
  • Micro-Processor based design
  • Fully field re-programmable with module & PC based software
  • 2-wire loop powered 4-20mA output
  • Factory calibrated or customer calibrated
  • Stainless steel body, rugged and compact

Intempco's TMR25 temperature sensor employs a Pt100 Class A resistance temperature detector (RTD) combined with an integrated loop-powered 4-20mA output transmitter. Electrical connection to the TMR is Hirschmann (DIN 43650) plug. This sensor is rugged and all SS316 construction. Fittings, 1/4” thru 1” NPT welded to tube, are available for mounting purposes. An adjustable bore-through compression fitting option is also available. This allows for easy adjustment of desired immersion depth. The unit is factory calibrated to customer temperature requirements.

  • Industrial design, hermetically sealed, with extension cable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Connection: NPT, all std. sizes & other
RTD Temperature Transmitter w/ HirschMann Plug Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Calibrated Temperature Range

  • 2

  • 3
    Probe Diameter “D”

  • 4
    Probe Material

  • 5
    Probe Length 'L'
      From 1 to 99 inches
  • 6
    Extension Cold Leg Length 'C'
      From 0 to 9 inches
  • 7
    Fitting Type

  • Comments / Specifications


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