Fuji Electric 1/8 DIN Digital Temperature Controller
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Fuji Electric 1/8 DIN Digital Temperature Controller Picture
  • Universal process input
  • Auto manual operation with A/M key
  • Position feedback control
  • Smart ramp-soak with guaranteed soak
  • 8 PID palettes
  • PC program loader interface
  • 32-segment ramp/soak feature at no additional cost
  • Display blinks on alarm condition
  • Remote setpoint
  • Analog retransmission

The Fuji Electric PXG series temperature controller is a versatile PID controller with many input/output points and sophisticated control functions. Available in 1/16 DIN (PXG4), 1/8 DIN (PXG5), and 1/4 DIN (PXG9) sizes, the PXG series was developed to replace Fuji's popular PYX Series with a more advanced and less expensive series of temperature controllers to meet the increasing demands of the process control industry. The PXG Series has all the features and options of the PYX series and more.

Combining a wide range of sophisticated features, the PXG series is prepared for a wide range of applications. The controllers include eight PID palettes as well as universal process input. The user interface includes easy-to-see indication and easy-to-use operation. The Fuji Electric PXG temperature controller has a password function which helps the user protect settings and avoid wrong operation.

A variety of functions extend the possibilities of the PXG controllers including a guaranteed soak function, a soft start function, and a ramp setpoint function.

NOTE: The PXG Series is also designed for servo control. Motorized valve control (VMD Series) outputs with or without position feedback are available.

  • RS485 communications
  • Heater break options
  • Transmitter power supply option on ¼ DIN PXG9
  • 24V AC/DC supply option
  • Free configuration loader software – uses simple mini-stereo jack for loading programs
  • Soft-start function
  • Ramp-to-setpoint function
  • Control standby function
  • NEMA 4X, CE, UL, c-UL recognition

  • Model Number / Front Panel

  • 1
    Control Output 1

  • 2
    Control Output 2

  • 3
    Option 1

  • 4
    Revision symbol
    1 : Version number
  • 5
    Digital Output/Alarm Relay

  • 6
    Power Source

  • 7
    Option 2

  • 8
    Fixed Code
    A1 : Internal code

  • Comments / Specifications


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