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  • Miniature design, ideal for OEM applications
  • NPT fittings standard, others available
  • All stainless steel wetted parts
  • Continuous level measurement
  • High Resolution, 1/4”
  • Analog output via remotely mounted DIN Rail transmitter
  • M12 Micro-male plug or extension cable available
  • Undisturbed by foaming
  • Vapor insensitive
  • Liquid interface detection

The LFT50 are miniature float level transducers suitable for level measurement in vessels of up to 36 inches in height. Of high quality construction, all wetted parts are stainless 316; other materials available upon request. The use of 1" or 1-1/4" NPT fitting accomodates the diameter of the float and allows the units to be installed from the top of the vessel without removal of the float. For fittings 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4” NPT, the float has to be removed. Upward mounting fittings are also available.

Each transducer comes standard with a cable or 5-pin M12 Micro-DC plug. The transmitted level signal is generated via a DIN rail transmitter mounted remotely. Reliable operation and simple design makes the LFT50 an excellent choice for many level sensing applications.

  • Ideal for level measurement where installation space is limited or tanks are compact
  • Water based liquids
  • Acids compatible with Stainless 316
  • Hydraulic and other clean oil applications
  • Chemical holding tanks with clean liquids
  • Measurement of liquid levels in mobile equipment
  • Ideal for many OEM applications
  • Not recommended where liquids are dirty or sticky
Miniature Float Level Transducer Details

  • Model Number

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    Extension - Connector / Cable Type

  • 3
    Extension Cable 'F'
    : Please select an extension
  • 3
    Extension Cable 'F'

  • 3
    Extension Cable 'F'
      From 1 to 999 inches
  • 4
    Fitting Type & Size

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    Fitting Material

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    Float Style

  • 7
    Probe Type

  • 8
    Probe Length “L”
      From 6 to 96 inches
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