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  • Wall mount and duct mount version available
  • Outdoor temperature offset for setpoint reset due to low outdoor temperature
  • N/C and N/O contact output for on/off control
  • Modulation output (0-10V) for proportional control
  • Setpoint adjustment inside case. No humidistat guard required
  • Actual humidity output available (0-10V)
  • Low cost
  • Can be mounted directly on drywall or with an electrical box
  • HSA-DM comes with backing gasket and mounting screws for installation directly on ducts

The HSA is a humidity sensor/controller with several output features. It may be used as a modulating controller for proportional humidifiers, or as an on/off controller for humidification or dehumidification systems (using the N/C contact).

The setpoint may be offset (downward) due to outdoor temperatures below freezing with the addition of the optional OTS-1 temperature sensor. An advanced non-linear offset rate is used to allow high offset ratios without the danger of having the setpoint drop too low on very cold days.

An actual setpoint output is available for precise adjustment and monitoring of the reset function, and humidity output is available for monitoring the actual humidity at the humidistat.

The HSA is rugged and can withstand most ventolation type conditions including swimming pool environments.


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