Spring Loaded RTD Sensor with M12 Connector
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Spring Loaded RTD Sensor with M12 Connector Picture
  • 4-Wire, Class-A Pt100 RTD can be used with 2, 3 or 4-wire systems
  • Temperature range: -50ºC to 260ºC standard
  • M12 A-coded male connector for easy installation, 2 wiring arrangements available
  • Probe length equal to thermowell stem length
  • Adjustable self-griping spring allows for use in shorter length thermowells
  • 4-20mA M120 transmitter or M12 extension cables available
  • Large selection of industrial thermowells

Spring Loaded RTD Sensor with M12 Connector Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Temperature Range

  • 2
    Element Type

  • 3
    Element Tolerance

  • 4
    RTD Circuit Type

  • 5
    Probe Diameter 'D'

  • 6
    Probe Material

  • 7
    Stem Length “A”
      From 1 to 120 inches
  • 8
    Extension Length “C”
      From 1 to 9 inches
  • 9
    Fitting Type

  • Comments / Specifications


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