Head Type RTD Assembly with Hockey Puck Switch
Humidity / Transmitters / PTS50

  • Very low installation cost
  • Vibration resistant
  • Accurate to ±1ºC (±2.2ºF) of set-point and reset point
  • Programmable set-point, reset point and time delay
  • Best value and easy installation
  • Compact size

PTS® Series (Programmable Temperature Switches) are of very compact design. This unique construction can replace other commonly used temperature switches in a variety of applications.

Intempco's PTS®50A Series assemblies are built for direct immersion into processes for applications that do not require a thermowell. The probe tube is precision tig welded directly to the process fitting.

The housing material of the PTS®50A is made of Aluminum, while the probe and fitting materials are fabricated from Stainless Steel 316/316L. Thus, ensuring a highly durable and robust design for any industrial application.

The PTS®50A series offers standard features which simplifies the selection process. This simple selection method saves time and they offered at a lower cost due to their standardized construction.

PTS® is a registered trademark of Intempco Controls Ltd. and is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

-To download .step files, Please go to mentioned URL

For PTS50A-SA-AC2-040, http://bit.ly/2QfLvuk

  • Industrial

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Programmable Temperature Switch - Head Type RTD Assembly with Hockey Puck Switch

  • Industrial Temperature Switch with Aluminium Head & 3/4" NPTF conduit
  • Relay output SPDT
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SKU: 518-010
Part Number: PTS50A-SA-AC2-040
  • Industrial Temperature Switch with Aluminium Head & 3/4" NPTF conduit
  • 1/4" Probe diameter , 4" Probe Length ( For different length go to the custom builder)
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Head Type RTD Assembly with Hockey Puck Switch Details

  • Model

  • 1
    Switch Module Type

  • 2
    Head Termination

  • 3
    Probe Length

  • 4
    PTS50A Switch Configuration

  • 5
    Alaram Type

  • 6
    Calibrated Temperature Range

  • 7
      From 1 to 99 Temperature
  • 8
    Time Delay (sec)
      From 0 to 99 Time Delay
  • 9
    Output Logic

  • 10

  • Comments / Specifications


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