± 75o/ sec Single Chip Rate Gyro Evaluation Board
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± 75o/ sec Single Chip Rate Gyro Evaluation Board Picture

The ADXRS401EB-i is a simple evaluation board that allows the user to quickly evaluate the performance of the ADXRS401ABG yaw rate gyro. No additional external components are required for operation. The ADXRS401EB-i has a 20-lead dual-in-line (0.3 inch width by 0.1 inch pin spacing) interface that allows the user to easily prototype products without having to deal with BGA soldering. The 0.4 square inch outline of the ADXRS401EB-i is still among the smallest gyros available today.

  • Vehicle chassis rollover sensing
  • Inertial measurement units
  • Platform stabilization
  • Image stabilization

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