Isolated Copper 10 Ohm RTD Temperature Transmitter w/4-20mA Output
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Isolated Copper 10 Ohm RTD Temperature Transmitter w/4-20mA Output Picture
  • 2-wire loop powered 4-20mA output
  • RTD Copper 10 Ohm Input
  • Analog design, potentiometer adjustable
  • Factory calibrated for fixed range
  • DIN rail-mounted
  • Isolation to 1000 VDC

The RT610Di is an isolated 10 ohm copper RTD transmitter. It completely eliminates ground loop and other associated problems. Combined with SMD technology, it provides full input /output isolation to 1000 VDC. The RT610Di transmitter features linearized output to temperature for 10 ohm copper RTD’s. The wide temperature range, low cost and stocked availability make the RT610Di an excellent choice for temperature signal transmission.

Precision 20-turn potentiometers allow fine adjustment for ZERO and SPAN. They are factory calibrated and designed for highest performance and lowest cost. Standard DIN rail mounted package allows for compact assembly and easy wiring in panels.

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