Spring-Loaded RTD Probe w/ Hex Nipple
Temperature / Probe Type RTD's / R18

Spring-Loaded RTD Probe w/ Hex Nipple Picture
  • Spring loaded RTD probe ready to assemble in thermowells
  • SS 316 or Inconel 600 sheath
  • 1/2” x 1/2” NPT Hex fitting, available O-Ring sealing
  • All parts stainless steel
  • RTD replacable from top of fitting

This spring loaded RTD probe is compact, low cost and ideal for both OEM and custom applications. Many wire choices are available for custom configurations. A adjustable stainless steel integral spring insures positive spring loading for thermowell mounting. RTD can be replaced without removal of fitting or assembly.

Spring-Loaded RTD Probe w/ Hex Nipple Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Temperature Range

  • 2
    Element Type

  • 3
    Element Tolerance

  • 4
    RTD Circuit Type

  • 5
    Probe Diameter 'D'

  • 6
    Probe Material

  • 7
    Fitting Type & Material

  • 8
    Lead Wire Insulation 'F'

  • 9
    Lead Wire Length 'F'
      From 1 to 999 inches
  • 10
    Terminal Type

  • 11
    Probe Length 'A'
      From 1 to 120 inches
  • 12

  • Comments / Specifications


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