Our YouTube Channel

Intempco YouTube Channel

Dear fellow YouTubers, we now have a channel on YouTube dedicated to show how we install and manipulate various products we make. If you are curious about our products, would like to learn new techniques or just like watching TV know where to go.

We embed the videos from our channel on this website, on a regular basis. Here they are:


This video presents the Intempco BTU meter/data logger. This device calculates and log the energy consumption for heating and cooling installations

4 to 20mA Current Loop Tutorial

This is a tutorial video from Intempco on how to use a 4-20mA current loop. It also shows some basic troubleshooting. It uses an intempco float level sensor and a 4 to 20mA transmitter for the demonstration.

Intempco laser welding

This is a project some D3 students from Concordia University are working on at Intempco. The implementation of laser welding will help us to improve our efficiency and meet the highest standards. The students are using a jig printed on a 3D printer in order to position the welded part appropriately for the welding process.