Metal Plating



Covering the surface of a material with a metal drastically alters the characteristics of that material. Changes include conductivity, hardness, reflectivity and esthetics. Automation of metal plating industries has reduced the time and cost of plating operations. Intempco has worked extensively with the metal plating industry to develop a complete line of field tested corrosion resistant sensors. From temperature to level switches, level transmitters and accessories, Intempco is constantly adding new and innovative products at the request of its clients.

The LLS110 accompanied with the LSC-4 is an ideal solution for switch level sensing needs. This product is designed to withstand the harsh environment present in many plating operations. Attention has been paid to make it resistant to both the direct exposure to acid as well as exposure to corrosive vapors. The RTD option even allows temperature measurement within the same process mount which saves on space and ensures a long service life with reduced down time for calibration, cleaning and repairs. The LSC-4 interface board is designed to work with liquids of varying conductivity and has both local and advanced software assisted calibration. This allows total control as well as helping to increase the useable lifespan of the LLS110.


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