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The Food & Beverage / Pharmaceutical industries demand the highest in sensor standards. Intempco meets and in many cases, exceeds those standards. Intempco’s broad range of hygienic sensors offers the highest standard in the measurement of temperature, pressure, level and humidity.

Intempco manufactures its hygienic sensors completely under one roof, allowing us to monitor quality control throughout the complete fabrication process. From machining to welding to PCB fabrication, Intempco monitors every step.

Intempco sensors are designed for the toughest in wash-down environments and have many CIP (Clean In Place) designs.

Intempco’s MIST line of temperature sensors is a leader in traceable calibration temperature sensors with in-sensor processing. The MIST (Micro-processor Integrated Sensor Transmitter) line is an innovation in temperature measurement. Converting the measured value from the sensor as close as possible to the site of measurement ensures that there will be no contamination of the signal.

Our broad range of Teflon ® sensors allows measurement in corrosive environments and locations where PTFE is desirable.





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