HVAC Humidity-Temperature Transmitter
Humidity / Transmitters / HTX-C01 Series

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  • Low Cost
  • On-Board Zero And Span Adjustments
  • Rugged design using Solid State Sensors
  • High Accuracy (± 3% over 0 to 90% RH Standard)
  • 2 Wire, Loop powered Operation (4-20 mA Output)
  • Temperature Compensated Humidity Measurement
  • Factory Calibrated ( 0 - 100% RH Standard, Custom Ranges Available )
  • Integrated Loop powered Temperature Transmitter Available

The Intempco HTX-C01 series humidity / temperature transmitters are designed for use in HVAC energy management. Available in 3 mounting configurations, The HTX01-C01 is for Interior Wall Mount, the HTX02-C01 is for Interior/Exterior Duct Mount , and the HTX03-C01 can be used for Interior/Exterior Wall Mount applications.

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