Sonde de température industrielle avec sortie 4-20mA
Température / Transmetteurs / PRC19

Sonde de température industrielle avec sortie 4-20mA Picture
  • Programmable 2-wire 4-20mA or voltage output
  • Standard 3-pole jack or plug RTD connector
  • For Pt100Ω 3-wire RTDs
  • High accuracy, repeatability and stability
  • Factory calibrated or customer calibrated
  • Fully field re-programmable with module & PC based software
  • For OEMs to assemble their own programmable probes

The INTEMPCO PRC™ Series is a high performance, low cost RTD Programmable Temperature Connector/Transmiter. Based on Intempco’s patented MIST™ technology, the analog output can be re-scaled, recalibrated and reprogrammed to customer needs via a MIST-Pkit (PC interface module and software).

The PRC features an encapsulated miniature signal conditioner built into a RTD standard 3-pole connector. This integral design converts resistive change of an RTD sensor or probe accross a programmable temperature range to an industry standard analog ouput. Your PRC Connector/Transmitter can be factory pre-calibrated to your specifications, which is the prefered method of most users. Optionally, by use of PRC-MIST Pkit, you can field reprogram the PRC™ yourself.

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