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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Picture
  • Simple push-button calibration (Accurate)
  • Output 4-20mA / 20-4mA
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Optional RS232 or Rs485 cummunications with calibration, diagnostics and data logging sofware
  • PLC compatible
  • Three or four wire operation
  • Seft cleaning operation of sensor face
  • 1” and 6” NPT process connections

INTEMPCO has released a new family of LTU series ultuasonic level probes. The LTU10 is the most powerful and penetrating sensor in this family. It is relatively large and features a PVC housing with 6” NPT face mounting and 1” NPT cover mounitng. Due to its high power output, the LTU10 is capable of measuring dry bulk powders under dusty conditions up to 90ft range.

  • Food and beverages
  • Water / Wastewater
  • Chemicals
  • Oils
  • Solids and powders: grain, potash, cement, plastic pellets and many others
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Details

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    Supply Voltage

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    Mounting Thread

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