Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
Humidité / Compteurs de données / IDL01

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger Picture
  • Records temperature and relative humidity
  • All stainless steel 316 construction
  • Programmable start time and duration
  • Easily export data to Excel spreadsheets
  • Encrypted electronic reports available with optional software
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant with optional software

Intempco’s IDL01 is a combined temperature and humidity data logger. This rugged and easy to use logger can record up to 32,000 temperature and humidity measurements. Its integrated real time clock ensures that all measurements are date and time stamped. Thanks to its long lasting lithium battery, the IDL01 has a 2-year autonomy when set at a one minute sampling rate. In addition, information is stored in non-volatile memory, which ensures the integrity of the data in the event of a discharged or mal-functioning battery. This stand alone unit is ideal anywhere critical validation or mapping is required.

Data download between the data logger and a computer is done via the optional high speed communication module and software. The included software allows the configuration and data download in ASCII format.

The optional advanced licenced software allows the data logger measurements to be encrypted electronically to meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance. This software can support up to 30 loggers per project and can generate standardized reports and custom graphs.

  • Critical validation applications
  • Ideal for mapping storage rooms, cold rooms, warehouses…
  • Food preparation and processing
  • HVAC and environmental studies

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