Sanitary RTD w/Extension Cable
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Sanitary RTD w/Extension Cable Picture
  • Sanitary 3-A qualified
  • Sanitary design with hermetically sealed extension cables
  • Operating Temperature Range: -200 to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)
  • All stainless steel 316 construction.
  • Standard or pharmaceutical surface finish
  • Ideal for installations where use of a connection head is not practical due to limited space
  • Lead wires : AWG 22, PVC or Teflon insulation, with stainless armor or overbraid

RS22 assemblies are an excellent choice for easy installation into a “tee”, “cross”, or directly into a sanitary tube. All popular sanitary connection styles are available. Cable extension options include PVC, Teflon, Teflon with stainless steel armor and Teflon with stainless steel overbraid. Armor cable can be protected with Polyolefin or Teflon shrink tubing. The probes can be ordered up to 1/2” in diameter for applications where long robust probes are required. If space is an issue, the RS22 can be ordered as a bent probe after the sanitary fitting.

  • Sanitary design, hermetically sealed, extension cable
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Connection: Tri-clamp, all std. sizes
Sanitary RTD w/Extension Cable Details

  • Model Number

  • 1
    Temperature Range

  • 2
    Element Type

  • 3
    Element Tolerance

  • 4
    RTD Circuit Type

  • 5
    Probe Diameter 'D'

  • 6
    Probe Material

  • 7
    Probe Length 'L'
      From 1 to 99 inches
  • 8
    Extension Length 'C'
      From 1 to 9 inches
  • 9
    Instrument Connection

  • 10
    Process Fitting Type / Size

  • 11
    Extension Cable Type

  • 12
    Extension Cable Length 'E'
      From 6 to 999 inches
  • 13
    Surface Finish

  • Comments / Specifications


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